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Why are girls angry today?

Why are girls angry today?

You will have to come to the BitefArtCafe and find out LIVE! But we can tell you that at this party nobody will be angry, on the contrary, you can expect unforgivable fun!

In charge for the good entertainment are nobody else but “Eevan & Boys n Toys” with the actor Ivan Jevtovic as the lead singer. These energetic boys & DJ CAKI will take you trough some of the best funky, disco, soul and rock 70s, 80s and 90s hits.

Prepare comfortable shoes because when these boys preform you can’t stay still.

Saturday, 10|21
BitefArtCafe, Mitropolita Petra 8, Belgrade, Serbia

Doors are opening at 10:30pm

Come and dance with us!

+381 63 594 294
+381 63 594 054

Online Reservaion

The reservation is valid only after you receive a confirmation email!


Mitropolita Petra 811000 Belgrade, Serbia

400 rsd

+381 63 59 42 94
+381 63 59 40 54

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