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Vasil Hadžimanov Band - concert promotion of the album "KEYF"

Vasil Hadžimanov Band - concert promotion of the album "KEYF"

Vasil Hadzimanov Band, musical virtuosos known for combining multiple musical genres, will have concert promotion of their new album “KEYF” on the October 11th at the BitefArtCafe club.

Vasils’ idea of combining Balkan traditional, folk rhythms and west modern music genre (jazz, funk, rock, progressive, world music…) in his music is totally authentic and presents unique approach to jazz music.

This exceptional band has been delighting the audience for many years with its unique sound and explosive energy, and their new album, once again, brings us interesting music guests, innovative arrangements, authentic sound aesthetics, and as before, creative experiments with different musical styles and rhythms. 

Album “KEYF” is their eighth album, it contains nine songs whose production sign Vasil Hadžimanov, Marko Perić i Toni Kitanovski, and it was published in digital and CD form by the Croation publishing house Croatia Records.  Recording and production were supported by GDi For The Arts and Croatia Records.

 Belgrade concert promotion and new album signing will be taken on the October 11th at the BITEFARTCAFE club, at 9pm.

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