parni Valjak

Parni Valjak

Parni Valjak

Parni Valjak finally arrives in Belgrade. On November 8th and 9th, BitefArtCafe will host one of the biggest regional bands today. “Given the decision to embrace club stages, we are also coming to Belgrade!!! See you at BitefArtCafe!” say the band members, pointing out that they are looking forward to performing in front of the Belgrade audience, which has always welcomed them in the most beautiful way. “Without a concert, we lose our purpose,” they emphasize, and they continue to share their energy and emotions—the core of their activities—from the place where they feel most comfortable: the stage. Young singer Igor Drvenkar has joined the band, bringing a special energy with timeless hits, as well as new songs. This year, they released two new singles, “Moja glava, moja pravila” and “Bogati će pobjeći na Mars,” which announce a new album, confirming the continuation of their story and a new chapter with Igor Drvenkar. This decision received strong support from their loyal audience, which was fully expressed at the concerts held so far. With the first notes of the carefully selected concert setlist, including all-time classics such as “Stranica dnevnika,” “Jesen u meni,” “Dodi,” “Ugasi me,” and “Zastave,” the generationally diverse audience enthusiastically embraced the new chapter in the work of one of the most significant bands in the region. On November 8th and 9th, the Belgrade audience will enjoy a selected concert setlist consisting of evergreen hits “Stranica dnevnika,” “Jesen u meni,” “Dodi,” “Ugasi me,” and “Zastave,” because this season at the Bitefartcafe club, we are listening to LIVE MUSIC.

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