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Nika Turković

Nika Turković

The young Croatian singer-songwriter, Nika Turković, will present herself to the Belgrade audience on March 31, at the BitefArtCafe club. At the concert, she will promote her debut album “11”, released for the prestigious publishing house Aquarius records.

Since in 2019, with the song “U mraku”, she introduced freshness and a completely new and modern sound to the regional music scene, she has not stopped making hits, bypassing patterns, breaking taboos and testing her own and the limits of music. Now it’s time for Niki’s singles and previously unreleased songs to live on her first studio album “11”.

More or less, the main motto of the long-awaited album Nike Turković, on which the main emphasis is a combination of acoustic sound and electronic elements that support emotional vocals in a contemporary arrangement similar to global pop music phenomena.

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