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NICOLA CONTE - Musicology Sessions

NICOLA CONTE - Musicology Sessions

Italian artist Nicola Conte, with an impressive career, is coming to Belgrade with his band to present his latest album ‘UMOJA.’ The concert is part of the Musicology Sessions concert series and will take place at BitefArtCafe club on September 29th. Nicola Conte is already known to the Belgrade audience for his DJ skills, but this time, he will surprise us with a new music experience, bringing an authentic live band sound. In 2014, we had the opportunity to listen to his album ‘Free Souls’ when Nicola performed at the first Musicology Festival. An artist with classical music education, he is renowned as a jazz innovator, producer, band leader, DJ, and guitar virtuoso. He stands out for his influence on the acid jazz genre, skillfully blending elements of bossa nova, melodies from Italian films of the 60s, and Indian music. This summer, Nicola Conte released an album titled ‘Umoja,’ the result of a spiritual journey he shared with his longtime friends and musicians. This album will take you on a journey through a wide range of diverse emotions. Together with Gianluca Petrella, in 2021, they released the album ‘People Need People,’ known for its club-oriented direction and diverse musical influences. This album is the result of their creative collaboration and experimentation with different music genres. A juggler when it comes to playing with styles, Nicola has accustomed us to his ability to mix harmonically different musical worlds and create collaborations between great musicians. So, don’t miss the opportunity to attend Nicola Conte’s concert and enjoy his unique musical expression. See you on September 29th at BitefArtCafe club!

Date: September 29th

Club doors open at 8:30 PM

Concert starts at 10 PM

Ticket price: 2,200 RSD


ALL TICKETS ARE FOR STANDING *limited table and booth reservations only after purchasing tickets

– BAR TABLES are for a minimum of 4 people and have two chairs each;

– BOOTHS are for a minimum of 6 people and do not guarantee seating for all (this depends on the booth’s location and the number of people reserving)

*Tickets without a reservation do not include a table, booth, or bar seat, and the number of reservations is limited.

For information and reservations: +38163594294 & +381594054

***Age restriction applies at the concerts. Children aged 15 to 18 can attend the concert accompanied by an adult.”

Online Reservaion

The reservation is valid only after you receive a confirmation email!


Mitropolita Petra 8
11000 Beograd

2200 RSD

+381 63 59 42 94
+381 63 59 40 54

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