Darko Crnogorac

Darko Crnogorac - This was not my idea

Darko Crnogorac - This was not my idea

Do you know what does the statistics say about how laughter affects on us? 😁📊
It improves the immune system, has a positive effect on heart, reduces the possibility of stroke, burns calories and improves memory and has a positive effect on cognitive abilities.

Darko Crnogorac, co-writer of  “24 minutes with Zoran Kesic” and part of the Njuz.net team, will perform his stand-up “This was not my idea” on Sunday, October 29th.
Come and strengthen your immunity with vitamin L (augh) 😆😆😆

📍Address: Metropolitan Petra 8
💳Tickets are purchased at the entrance before the performance
💰Price: 500 rsd

📞Information and reservations: 063594294

Online Reservaion

The reservation is valid only after you receive a confirmation email!


Mitropolita Petra 8
11000 Belgrade



+381 63 59 42 94
+381 63 59 40 54

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