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Crni humor 2023

Crni humor 2023

Come and celebrate World Joke Day together on Saturday April 1st at BitefArtCafe!
As many as 6 comedians from the Standup.rs organization will perform with their BEST OF material – all evening only the best!
They are: Lena Ilić, Marija Žagar, Mišo Babić, Nemanja Dimitrijević, Radomir Nestorović and Nikola Radojlović. The evening is hosted by Nebojša Potkrajac.
The performance starts at 9 p.m.

Lena Ilić
Lena is almost thirty years old and still no one has managed to explain to her what an administrative ban is. She won the award for the craziest hairstyle at the recreational class in Soko Banja. He does not have a pet, but in a few years he plans to adopt healthy habits.

Maria Žagar
She is an “engineer” and a “comedian”. She’s cute, some would even say cute, but she’s just a bitch. She doesn’t tell people she does standup because she wants them to treat her like a normal person.

Mišo Babić
Stand-up comedy is a way for me to deal with my inner demons by projecting them onto you, and I don’t care what you do with them afterwards. Now I have surely convinced you, come and watch my performance!

Nemanja Dimitrijević
To a narrower circle of acquaintances, better known as Nemanjica, to a wider circle as a stallion. He wants to learn to play the guitar, spend the whole day drunk (not drunk, not a bum) and be a father for a few days.

Radomir Nestorović
Ok man. He comes up with life plans all night, but does not successfully implement them during the day. Unlike the friends his parents made when they were drunk, his parents were only drunk when they named him. Once the teacher told him to repeat the lesson, but he decided to repeat the whole class instead.

Nikola Radojlović
He is happy when he hears that there are still young people who listen to the real, quality, original Seka Aleksić from 2003, and not this autotune nonsense today. He discovered by accident that he could satisfy several unknown women at the same time, and since then he has not failed to bring a fan on the bus.


📆 Date and time: Saturday, April 1 at 9 p.m

📌 Address: Mitropolita Petra 8, Belgrade

🎟️ Ticket price: 800 RSD

📞 Phone number for booking tickets and information, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.: 063 377 420
*In case you do not receive a connection, send an SMS and we will reply with a confirmation.

🚪 Doors open at 8 p.m., the program starts at 9 p.m.

See you!

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Mitropolita Petra 8
11000 Beograd

800 RSD


+381 63 37 74 20

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