30 years of Di Luna Blues band & 40 years of Serbian blues scene

јул 18, 2019 @ 22:00 – јул 19, 2019 @ 02:00
Bitefartcafe Summer Stage

We’re celebrating 40th anniversary of Serbian blues with the amazing Di Luna Blues band that has been reviving blues, funk, soul and jazz in Belgrade for many years now.

The band will play at BITEFARTCAFE Summer Stage, on July 18.
Wanting to share their happiness when performing, and their love for blues, they formed the band back in ’89, exactly 30 years ago. The band members are fantastic musicians – Dragan Markovic Mare, Natasa Guberinic, Goran Stojkovic, Slobodan Nedeljkovic Pace and Nikola Markovic, that have since performed at numerous foreign and national festivals, alongside world known jazz and blues stars, such as Ten Years After, Diane Schuur, Benny Golson, Art Farmer and many others.

The leader of the band, Dragan Markovic Mare actually formed the very first blues band in Ex Yugoslavia, called „Bluz Kvintet“, and recorder the very first blues album in region with his second band, Point Black, giving Serbia the blues foundation, and giving others inspiration to continue in the same direction.

Viber us, call us, or contact us via social networks if you want to experience the best Serbian blues and jazz at the very heart of Belgrade, Kalemegdan fortress:
☎️38163594294 & 38163594054
Online: http://bitefartcafe.rs/kontakt/

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